How to take advantage of 1win Promo Codes While Digging Into Online Gambling Games?

Are you a beginner and unaware of using promo codes while digging into online gambling games? If yes, then you are on the right platform, as we will be providing you with comprehensive guidance for using promo codes. We all know how fun-loving and exciting it is to play online gambling games. But most of the time, we wonder whether to play gambling games or not.

This is because gambling games are addictive, and a lot of people have lost their money while playing games here. To overcome all these issues, a user can get into promo codes because these are highly beneficial and comes with a lot of advantages for all the users.


For all the newbie players, 1win has comes with a welcome bonus of up to 500%. All a player needs to do is just enter the code “1WINZ500”. Once they have entered the code, then their account will be topped up. Here, a single transaction is done, which is up to 16,250. To get the bonus of Rs 81,250, the player has to use this code, and it will avail only for a single time when the player is new and placing a bet for the first time.


When you are playing, make sure that the odds that you are using while playing a gambling game should be greater than 3. It is required to activate the bonus and to place bets simultaneously. Here, the coefficient should be less than 3 while placing the bets. The bets which are refunded will not be further eligible to use the bonuses.

The Use of Express Bonus

By getting into the 1win bonus code today, the express bonus which a player will get is up to 15%. When there are more events in the game, then it will lead to more bonuses in size for every single player. While placing bets, the player should express it with five or more than 5 events. Here, a player will receive a bonus percentage, which completely depends on the winning amount.

You will better understand this with an example as when a player is expressing their bet into gambling games with 6 events, and then the calculated odds will be 12.1. here, the bet is made with Rs 1000, and the profit earned by the player will be Rs. 11,100, along with a bonus of 8%. Here, the final payout that the player will get is Rs 12,988 after receiving the bonus.

How Do Players Gets Cashback?

Sometimes, players will also get cashback while playing gambling games and making a deposit. You will still get the cashback even when you have applied the promo code. In case you want to get the refund, then you can initiate it by 30%, but this is only applicable under the category of slots. Here, the maximum cashback that a player will get is Rs. 54,160, which will take place every Saturday.

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